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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.The next best time is now!

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Plant Your Roots in Ireland

Dan O' Hara's Homestead, the award winning Connemara Heritage & History Centre has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for many years. Situated in the Gaeltacht and dedicated to the memory of the immortalised Dan O' Hara who along with his wife and seven children was evicted from this homestead by his landlord in 1845. Along with so many more people from Connemara and Ireland during this era, he was forced to immigrate on the coffin ships to the US.

Unfortunately his wife and 3 of his children did not survive the journey and needless to say he arrived in New York a very broken man. Dan O' Hara's homestead offers a very unique insight into the life and times of Connemara during the 19th Century along with the history of the region not to mention a verse of the renowned Ballad Dan O' Hara.

As part of our commitment to the continued and sensitive development of the Connemara Heritage & History Centre and to Dan O' Hara's memory and those of the many Irish who were forced to leave their homesteads for America we have developed "A Roots from Ireland Park".

Here we will plant indigenous Irish Trees, Ash, Alder, Hawthorn and Sycamore Trees which can be dedicated to your ancestors, a family member or a good friend. A personalised plaque at the foot of the tree will accompany each Tree planted and the person for whom it is chosen will receive a Certificate of Ownership for their home or office wall.

Choose your Tree

Choose from any of the following trees for yourself, your ancestral family, or as a gift for a member of your family, friends or a colleague. You can order by post or online or during your next holiday break in Ireland, when you could personally plant your chosen tree in the Roots form Ireland Park. This is a very unique gift and in giving such a gift you celebrate life and the memory of your ancestors while also enhancing Connemara's environment.

Trees to choose from:

  • Ash - The Sacred Mystery Tree of Nature associated with Celtci Heros.

  • Alder - Associated with the legendary Fionn Mac Cumhail and also sacred to the De Dannan.

  • Hawthorn - Ancient Irish Sacred Tree of the Gods

  • Sycamore - Associated with the ancient Irish Ogham writing.

  • Spruce or Pine.

The Connemara Heritage & History Centre will:

  • Personally nurture and care for your tree.

  • Your plaque will be maintained at the foot of your tree.

  • Extend Life Membership of the Centre and Park to the trees benefactor.

  • You are welcome to vist your chosen tree & observer its growth into the future.

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